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What is SEO?


SEO means search engine optimization. If you have optimized your site then you will get a lot of free quality traffic for your website. There are many search engines in the world such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask or if anyone wants to find or see something, then the search engine opens in its browser. But 83% of the people in the world use Google. Whenever you go to google and type something, you can see a lot of websites. There are many websites in front of you which are related to your head and you have to go on the second page to read more. But 90% of people are just clicking on the first page. And it has also been seen that people just click the site with the top three results. And we also call it the Golden Triangle. 63% of the people in the world view the top 3 websites only. For this, it is important to optimize your website SEO. Whenever people search in google and on your website first page or at the top 3 websites. When people actually click on it and go inside your website. And if they like your content and they are your subscribers. If your website does not come within the first page or top 3 websites then it is very bad for you. You have noticed that when some searches are in Google, some websites come to the first page and some websites are on the second page. It is all page ranking. The website's Rank is better than everyone and then the website comes to everyone in the search engine of Google.

                At first, everyone knew that keyword for the website is the most important, but in 1996, PSG students Larry Page and Sergey Brin said two them keywords are not all. If any website is linked to another website which is a relay form its word, then it will be shown on the top page. Then google allowed this way. All keywords are the important but quality Backlink is more important. If you have quality Backlink on your website, then Google trust your website.

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